What to Expect From Your Recovery After Dental Implants

December 16, 2015

OK, we’ll say it: the recovery period after dental implants isn’t fun. But anyone who’s ever had their missing teeth replaced with implants will tell you that having a complete smile once again is beyond worth the time and discomfort. Before you know it you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful, sturdy teeth — and that means eating, laughing and speaking with ease. But in the meantime, keep these tips from
McDougal and Richards Dentistry in mind for a solid, healthy recovery.

Dental Implants Recovery

The entire process for traditional dental implants can take from three to nine months. It sounds like a long time, but please keep in mind that it is temporary — and what your jaw needs to heal after implantation.

What to Expect After Your Procedure

Once your dental implant surgery is complete, you’ll likely experience the typical discomforts associated with most oral procedures. These include:

  • Swelling and/or bruising on the gums and face
  • Discomfort at the implantation site
  • Minor bleeding

These side effects should subside a few days after your procedure, but don’t hesitate to contact Dr. McDougal’s office if they persist or worsen.

What to Eat During Your Dental Implants Recovery

It’s important to maintain a soft foods diet for the first few days that your jaw is healing — soup, vegetable purees and fresh fruit smoothies (drunk without a straw) are all excellent ways to enjoy good nutrition during your recovery. You can begin eating more solid foods as soon as it’s comfortable to do so.

Possible Complications with Dental Implants Surgery

Just like any other surgery, there are possible complications with dental implants — though instances are rare, and often easily treated when they do occur. For example, infection or injury to surrounding tissues can occur at the implantation site. Nerve damage and sinus problems can also occur. If you suspect you’re suffering from a complication following your dental implants procedure in Richardson, contact Dr. McDougal’s office as soon as possible.

Excellent Oral Hygiene Is Still as Important as Ever

It’s important to keep your mouth clean after your dental implants procedure. You should brush your teeth the night of the procedure, but be very careful around the implant area. When bleeding has reduced, salt water rinses twice or three times per day (especially after eating) help to reduce the chance of infection.

More Questions? Contact Us Today

If you’ve had your dental implants procedure and have any remaining questions about the recovery period, we’re here to help with anything related to your oral health — please contact us today.

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