2018 Goal: Visit the Dentist and Have a Healthy Smile

January 5, 2018

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2018 is just getting started, and the future looks bright! Whatever you have planned for this year, whether it’s an awesome vacation, a big career move, or just some more quality time with your family, your dentist in Richardson reminds you not to forget one important thing — your oral health. Taking better care of your teeth and gums is a fantastic New Year’s Resolution that will reward you with a beautiful, pain-free smile. Here’s how you can stick to that resolution.

Visit the Dentist

You’ve probably heard it said a million times that you should visit the dentist twice a year, but do you actually do that? If it’s been longer than six months since your last cleaning and checkup, it’s time to make an appointment. Not only will your teeth feel clean and fresh afterward, but you’ll also become aware of any potential issues with your teeth and gums. If you catch such things early, fixing them will be much easier and faster than if you had waited to get professional dental attention.

Be a Better Flosser

One survey found that only 30 percent of people in the United States floss daily, while a staggering 32 percent never floss. Everybody else falls somewhere in the middle. Which category do you fit into? We hope it’s the first one, that diligent group of flossers who are always sure to clean the tight spaces between their teeth. If not, make 2018 the year you finally start to take flossing seriously.

Try to get other people in your family on board with your determination to floss. You can all remind each other not to skip this important part of the daily routine.

Change Your Diet

What you eat and drink can have a huge impact on your oral health. That’s why we strongly suggest that you:

  • Avoid sugar as much as you can. The sweet stuff interacts with bacteria in your mouth and leads to plaque and decay.
  • Eat lots of nutrient-rich and calcium-rich foods. These will fortify your teeth and benefit your overall health. Some foods, like apples, even help to clean your mouth.
  • Drink more plain water. Flat water moistens your mouth and encourages saliva production, thereby helping to keep your mouth fresh and clean.

Kick the Habit

Cigarettes and other tobacco products are awful for your oral health, potentially leading to stained teeth, bad breath, dry mouth, and oral cancer. If you have a nicotine habit, make 2018 the year you finally conquer it. Your dentist and/or physician will be glad to give you suggestions on how you can win your battle.

2018 has lots of good things in store for you — and we hope one of those things is a healthier smile.

About McDougal and Richardson Dentistry

Our two dentists, along with our highly experienced staff, are committed to bringing you excellent dental care. If it’s your goal to improve your oral health in 2018, we’d love to help! You can contact us at 972-231-5376 to ask questions or schedule an appointment.

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