Dentist Shares 5 Bad Dental Habits to Break to Maintain Good Oral Health

August 14, 2019

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Whether it is chewing on pens and pencils while working or grinding your teeth at night, bad habits can often have negative effects on a person’s oral health. The truth is that most people do all sorts of things that are proven bad for your teeth and gums, many of whom don’t even realize they’re doing them! When it comes to your pearly whites, you want to keep them healthy for as long as possible, which is why your dentist in Richardson recommends breaking these 5 bad dental habits.

Say No to Smoking

From stains and discoloration to harmful effects on your lungs and body, smoking is a bad habit you should most certainly break. Whether it is traditional or e-cigarettes or smokeless tobacco, all can have an impact on your teeth and gums, as well as your overall health. While it might not be easy to quit, there are plenty of support groups and methods of treatment that can help you kick the habit for good.

Pens and Pencils are to Write With, Not Chew On

It’s easy while in the middle of writing something down to inadvertently place your pen in your mouth while attending to another task. Unfortunately, inanimate objects should never make contact with your teeth. Excessive wear and tear can occur, making you more vulnerable to damage and decay. The same can be said for opening packages with your teeth.

If you struggle with this particular bad habit, try keeping a pack of sugarless gum on your desk or in your pocket. Should the temptation arise, you can quickly reach for a more suitable solution that easier on your teeth.

Lower Your Stress Levels to Cease Teeth Grinding

Stress is a part of life for some people, but if you have difficulty with teeth grinding (bruxism), your dentist in Richardson will be happy to provide you with a mouthguard that you can wear to protect your teeth while you sleep at night. Teeth grinding can lead to cracked or broken teeth, as well as sensitivity and additional wear and tear.

Apart from receiving treatment with a mouthguard, it is best if you find ways to alleviate your stress. Some effective ways to do this include:

  • Seeking treatment from a counselor
  • Exercising
  • Meditation

Be Gentle While Brushing

If you think brushing your teeth with substantial force will effectively clean them, you’ll be surprised to know that all it takes is a soft-bristled brush and gentle hand. Brushing your teeth doesn’t require much, just fluoride toothpaste and a light touch. Hard brushing can cause your gums to bleed and even recess; however, gentle brushing in a circular motion ensures your teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned and free of bacteria and food particles.

Limit Your Sugar and Carbohydrate Intake

It can be tempting to reach for that candy bar or bag of chips, but too much sugar and carbohydrates can lead to increased levels of bacteria on your teeth. When plaque breaks down, it turns into acid that eats away at the enamel of your teeth. This can lead to cavities and the need for fillings or dental crowns. Should you divulge in these special treats, make sure to brush your teeth afterward to remove any sugar or starch.

By breaking these 5 bad dental habits, you’ll be setting yourself up for a lifetime of great oral health. It’s not always easy breaking these habits, so if you find yourself struggling, talk to your dentist about any tips or techniques you can use to make the process easier.

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