5 Great Stocking Stuffers for Better Oral Health This Holiday Season

December 3, 2019

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Trying to find the right stocking stuffers is not always easy. Either the items get thrown into a drawer never to be used or are quickly eaten before you can say, “Wait until after dinner.” Instead of giving your child (or fellow adult) a useless tool or unhealthy snack this year, let a dentist in Richardson share 5 great ideas that will encourage better oral health in 2020.

Keep Their Teeth Clean with a New Toothbrush

A toothbrush isn’t meant to be kept forever. In fact, it’s recommended that you swap it out for a new one every 3 months or so. With the holidays approaching, there’s no better time to give your little one a new toothbrush! Maybe find one with their favorite cartoon or superhero character. You can even find matching toothpaste, too! If you want to really win them over, look for a toothbrush that lights up or plays music but just make sure it is a soft-bristled brush and small enough for your child’s mouth.

Blow Bubbles with Chewing Gum

Instead of putting candy in your child’s stocking, opt for sugar-free chewing gum. Not only will this keep their breath smelling and feeling fresh, but it will keep sugar from sticking to the surface of their teeth and causing tooth decay or cavities to develop.

Clean the In-Between with Flavored Dental Floss

While traditional, minty dental floss is always a safe and effective choice, you can jazz it up with flavored floss. If your child likes cinnamon, bacon, or cupcake, let them taste that delicious flavor as they clean in-between their teeth, effectively removing harmful bacteria and food particles from their smile. There are a host of other flavors available, so check your local drug store or with your dentist to find out where you can purchase these fun flossers.

Protect Their Smile with a New Sportsguard

If your child enjoys playing sports or engaging in outdoor activities, why not make sure their smile is protected from impact and injury with a new sportsguard. It never hurts to have more than one, especially since it’s likely that one will show up missing when it’s needed most. From different colors and styles, you can help your child get excited about doing something good for their smile.

Keep Their Teeth Safe with a Tooth Fairy Box

It’s always a special time with your little one is preparing to lose a primary tooth. To ensure that their pearly white stays protected, put a tooth fairy box in their stocking. These will serve for safekeeping until the tooth fairy arrives to swiftly capture the tooth and replace it with whatever currency is warranted. Whether it’s a quarter, dollar, or $20, your child will be excited to open it up the next morning to see what she left.

These are just a few of many great stocking stuffer ideas for the youngest member of your family. Feel free to roam the aisles of your favorite store to find other useful and beneficial items that can keep your child’s smile shining bright this holiday season.

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At McDougal and Richards Dentistry, your child’s smile deserves the best dental care possible. As the holidays quickly approach, it’s likely you are looking for treats that won’t harm their teeth or gums. To help you in your search and prevent decay and disease from developing, we are happy to offer tips and suggestions on some of the greatest gifts you can give to your child that will encourage them to get excited about taking care of their smile. To find out how we can set your little one up for success this year, contact us at (972) 231-5376.

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