What Will Be Different During My Next Dental Visit?

May 3, 2020

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When preparing for your upcoming visit to see your dentist in Richardson, you might be surprised to learn that a few things have changed since your last appointment. Since COVID-19 has caused people to change the way they work, learn, and interact, necessary steps are being taken by your dental team to make sure everyone who comes in for treatment remains safe and healthy. If you’re wondering how things will be a bit different than before, spend some time reviewing the protocols your dentist is putting into place to maintain an office that is free of COVID-19.

Pre-Screening Patients Before and When They Arrive

To make sure you are healthy and not displaying any symptoms related to COVID-19, you will be asked a series of questions when calling to schedule your appointment as well as when you arrive. You will also be met by a team member who will take your temperature before you enter the building. This will ensure that you are not bringing any known bacteria into the office that could potentially expose others to the virus.

Requesting Additional Guests Remain at Home

It is advised that you avoid bringing any additional people with you. If the patient is a minor or an elderly person needing a caregiver, they will also need to complete the COVID questionnaire. This helps your dental team to keep numbers low inside the dentist’s office and minimize contact with other individuals.

Changing How You Wait

Patients are to wait in their vehicles until their appointment time.  Once it is time, you are to call the office and a team member will take your temperature at the front door. You will either proceed to the appointment immediately or have an assigned seat in the waiting area. Appointments are also scheduled in a staggered format to avoid overlap and have as few patients in the building at the same time.

Wearing Personal Protective Equipment

You will notice that face masks, face shields, protective eyewear, gloves, and disposable gowns will be part of your dental team’s attire. Each piece is designed to protect against airborne particles and harmful pathogens that can be potentially spread when performing aerosol-generated procedures.

Increasing Sanitation Efforts Throughout the Office

Dentists must always maintain the highest levels of sanitation; however, because of COVID-19, team members are now taking additional care to make sure all equipment, dental instruments, and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. To accomplish this, staff may spread out appointments even further to allow for the proper disinfecting and sanitizing of chairs, overhead lights, door handles, countertops, and other frequently touched areas.

These measures will help to keep everyone better protected from the potential spread of COVID-19. With your help and participation, your dentist can continue to provide outstanding service during this time.

About the Practice
At McDougal and Richards Dentistry, we are eager to begin helping our patients get back into their regular dental checkup and cleaning routines. But we are taking necessary precautions to make sure you remain safe when you arrive for your appointment. Although certain aspects of your visit may appear different than before, trust that we will continue to provide the highest level of customer service and quality dental care possible. If you want to know more about what you can expect during your next appointment, contact us at (972) 231-5376.

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