Which Foods Help to Build a Healthy Smile?

June 23, 2021

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Did you know that your diet plays a vital role in the health of your smile? When you think about it, everything you consume must pass through your oral cavity before reaching your stomach and impacting your waistline. Because of all the bacteria and food particles that remain inside your mouth while eating, you can be at risk for tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and even bad breath. If you want to be more mindful of what you’re eating and how it affects your teeth and soft oral tissues, a dentist in Richardson shares which foods can ensure a positive and healthy smile.

Why Healthy Foods Make a Difference?

You know how bad sugars and starches can be for your oral health. Not only can they cause cavities, but if incorporated as part of your daily diet, you can be faced with more serious issues that occur throughout the body. By switching out your bag of potato chips for fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll not only improve your waistline, but you’ll also minimize your risk for oral health problems. Eating firm or fibrous foods can help to eliminate food particles that attempt to stick to your tooth enamel and break it down over time. They also encourage saliva production which can flush out bad bacteria and prevent the need for restorative treatment later on.

Which Foods Are Going to Help, Not Hinder Your Smile

While the following may not be an entire list, you can certainly begin to make better choices about your eating habits and how they can positively impact your smile. When planning your daily food intake, make sure to incorporate these items for better oral health:

Leafy Greens

Vegetables of all kinds are one of the most pivotal food groups to include each day. Low in calories, leafy greens and other delicious vegetables are full of beneficial vitamins and minerals (i.e., calcium, folic acid, B vitamins). You just need to be sure you don’t pile on the salad dressing or special toppings (i.e., croutons, bacon). If you have trouble eating them whole or in a salad, you might try blending them into a smoothie for easier consumption.

Fruits and Vegetables

Much like leafy greens can stimulate saliva, so can fruits and vegetables. Many fruits are also great alternatives for sugary treats, as they contain natural sugars that are better for your health. These delicious foods can scrub away food particles and leave your teeth feeling better than before. Whether eaten alone or as part of a snack or salad, you can’t go wrong with fruits and vegetables like carrots, celery, apples, and more.


If you haven’t noticed, many of the healthier food alternatives are great for keeping the saliva moving throughout your mouth. Also, by consuming dairy each day, you are ensuring greater calcium and protein, both of which are ideal for building stronger teeth. When buying groceries and trying to decide which yogurt to purchase, make sure you avoid the sugary, sweet, and fun-filled options that can lead to cavities.

Other beneficial foods include lean proteins, nuts, and black or green tea (without the added sugar). You will also find that drinking more water than anything else will improve your oral and overall health because of the hydration your body will experience and the continuous production of saliva.

Choosing the right foods that benefit your oral health is vital if you want to avoid more timely and costly restorative and emergency procedures later on. If you need help to start making better changes, alert your dentist in Richardson for assistance.

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