5 Health Factors You Should Discuss With Your Dentist

September 4, 2021

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Think your oral and overall health don’t go hand-in-hand? You may be surprised to learn that the mouth and body are closely connected, which means problems that develop in one area will likely affect the other. There are often far too many potential issues that can arise and negatively impact more than just your teeth and gums but also your brain, heart, and other key areas throughout your body. The good news is that your dentist in Richardson cares about more than just your smile, which is why you should make sure to bring up these 5 health factors during your next appointment.

Bleeding Gums

If you begin to notice that your gums are red, tender, and bleed after brushing or flossing, there is a good chance you are experiencing gingivitis. This is the first stage of gum disease and can be reversed if regular dental checkups and good oral health habits are practiced at home. Informing your dentist about this problem will allow them to quickly administer treatment to rid your mouth of plaque and bacteria attacking your oral tissues, bone, and teeth.

Oral Hygiene Routine

You should always inform your dentist about your oral hygiene routine. Whether you’re brushing twice a day for two minutes, flossing at least once, and using appropriate mouthwash is essential. If you’re not doing these things, it can be the answer as to why you may be dealing with tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, or bad breath (halitosis).

High Blood Pressure

If you are currently taking medications for high blood pressure, it is important that your dentist know. Why? Since many dental offices are now taking down this information during each visit, it is helpful to know, especially since certain problems like gum disease can cause your blood pressure to become elevated. As a result, the medication you are taking may become less effective. However, with the right treatment, you can continue to enjoy a healthier smile and body.


If you have diabetes, you’ll want to let your dentist know as soon as possible. Here’s why: If your blood glucose levels are not properly maintained, it will not only make you more vulnerable to developing gum disease, but it can spur heart disease, kidney problems, vision issues, and weaken your immune system. By informing your dentist, they can make sure the appropriate treatment methods and medications are used that will treat the problem inside your mouth while also keeping your blood sugar in a good range.

New Medications

It is not uncommon for many new medications to cause dry mouth. When treating certain health conditions, you may be unable to switch to a different medicine even if this is the result. By informing your dentist, the two of you can work together to ensure bad bacteria don’t form inside the mouth as a result of the dry environment and cause gum disease or worn tooth enamel.

Keeping your dentist informed about your overall health is important. By sharing this information, you can be sure your mouth and body will remain in the best possible shape well into the future.

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At McDougal and Richards Dentistry, our team of expert dentists and staff want to help every patient who walks through our doors achieve happier, healthier smiles. By sharing what is going on with your overall health, our team can better identify ways to treat certain oral health problems while making sure it doesn’t negatively impact your heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, and other areas of the body. Contact us at (972) 231-5376 to find out how we can help you.

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