4 Dental Trends You Can Expect to See in the Future

August 17, 2023

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As a patient, you’re not exposed to the constant advancements of the dental field that your dentist keeps up with. From the recent incorporation of AI into daily life to 3D printers, dental lasers, and other technology becoming more accessible, these global, high-tech changes will also spill over into your dental care. In the next 10 or more years, you’ll likely notice some changes when you go to the dentist, which may include any of these modern trends that you can read about below.

The Incorporation of Dental Lasers

Today, when you visit a dentist’s website, you’re more likely to see them advertise the use of soft tissue lasers in their practice. While this modern technology emerged in the 90s, it’s just now becoming more commonly used in general dentistry.

Not only will this advancement benefit you as a patient by making gum disease treatment, gum recontouring, and other procedures safer than ever, but it will also streamline your appointments. The precision of soft tissue lasers is unparalleled, and because it’s able to cauterize the area on-contact, it will help minimize your risk of developing a post-operative infection or other complications.

Artificial Intelligence & Oral Examinations

AI is a popular global topic of conversation. It has been incorporated into daily life in places where you may not have even noticed, from the self-checkout station at your local department store to creative fields, like in graphic design and marketing. Next, you’ll likely see it become a tool for dentists!

It’s predicted that AI will be able to assist dental staff in reviewing X-rays, CBCT scans, and even in planning important oral surgeries and orthodontic treatment. Not only will this make your care more efficient, but AI’s precision and access to the latest techniques and clinical research may help you achieve outstanding treatment results.

Digital Dentistry

More dentists are utilizing digital dentistry to streamline treatment planning and procedures. By incorporating CAD/CAM technology, in-house milling machines, and digital impression systems in their offices, they’re able to keep more services in-house, including the creation of dental restorations like crowns and bridges.  

Multi-Doctor Dental Practices

Fewer single dentists are working at their practices, because by incorporating more practitioners in their office, more patients are able to be seen and they’re able to provide a wider range of services, minimizing the need to refer patients out. This could be due to the rising costs of rent and dental school, leaving dentists with more debt and overhead costs. Having one or more associates allows them to have a comprehensive, well-equipped office that can take care of most-to-all of their patients’ needs.

About the Practice

At McDougal and Richards Dentistry, we’re always researching the latest advancements in dentistry and incorporating them into our practice. From laser dentistry to CEREC one-visit crowns, we strive to make our patients’ procedures as streamlined and comfortable as possible. We invite you to experience the leading-edge care we have to offer by scheduling an appointment or consultation with us today. You can do so by visiting our website or calling 972-231-5376.

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