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Fill Up the Stockings: Gift Ideas to Keep Smiles Healthy This Season

December 10, 2020

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an image of three stockings hanging over the fireplace and a Christmas tree

When you think about filling your child’s stocking this year, what do you plan to put in it? If you’re like most people, you might turn to small toys, trinkets, gum, and even candy. While some of these items are just fine to give as “extra” presents, others filled with sugar can do more harm than good. If you want to avoid a dental emergency or future dental filling because your child develops a cavity over the holidays, a dentist in Richardson shares a few gift ideas to keep their smile healthy and bright this season. 


3 Questions to Ask Your Dentist During Your Next Appointment

November 8, 2020

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a young female listening to her dentist in Richardson speak

When visiting your dentist, you probably let them do most of the talking. After all, they are the ones examining your smile and alerting you to any problems they see during the checkup and cleaning. While it is fine to listen closely and allow them to inform you about the current state of your oral health, it’s also important that you can ask necessary questions so you can make a confident decision regarding treatment. To help you get started with your list, a dentist in Richardson shares 3 questions you should ask the next time you arrive for an appointment.


5 Tips For a Healthier Smile During National Dental Hygiene Month

October 9, 2020

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a young woman wearing a white t-shirt and glasses, smiling after seeing her dentist for a regular checkup and cleaning

October is National Dental Hygiene Month. This means your dentist is likely encouraging you to not only get in for a regular dental checkup and cleaning but also refine your at-home oral health habits. Because this time of year may often cause you to spend more time grocery shopping, buying gifts, and preparing for an influx of family and friends than devoting your mornings and/or nights to brushing and flossing, it’s time to step back and learn how to you can stay committed to taking care of your smile. Read on to hear from a dentist in Richardson who shares 5 things you can do to achieve better oral health this month.


How to Know You’re a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

September 21, 2020

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an older woman looking at her dental implants in the mirror while seated in the dentist’s chair

You know you want to replace your missing teeth, and dental implants in Richardson are what you hope to receive when meeting with your dentist, but are you eligible for treatment? Because of the process that is required for successful implant placement, you must possess the right characteristics to be considered a “good candidate.” A local dentist shares what they will be looking for when you schedule a consultation to begin the tooth replacement process.


How Can I Keep My Gums Healthy?

August 10, 2020

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an up-close view of a woman’s healthy teeth and gums Maintaining a healthy smile isn’t just about keeping your teeth in good shape. It’s also about making sure your gums remain pink, taut, and free of harmful bacteria that can attack and lead to gingivitis or periodontitis. This soft tissue located around your teeth can easily become inflamed and infected if left untreated, so what can you do at home to prevent these problems? A local dentist in Richardson shares 6 helpful tips that are guaranteed to give you the healthy gums you desire.


Why Are Dental Implants So Popular?

July 10, 2020

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An older woman looking at her new smile in the mirror after receiving dental implants in RichardsonIn the past, patients with missing teeth were given a few options when it came to replacing missing teeth. Depending on the number of vacated sockets along an arch, a fixed bridge or full or partial dentures were the available choices. Fortunately, advancements in dentistry led to the creation of dental implants in Richardson. For decades, people have enjoyed the permanence, stability, and functionality they provide, making them one of, if not, the most popular tooth replacement solution available today. As you think about how you would like to replace your missing teeth, read on to find out why you should choose dental implants.


What Causes Teeth to Become Yellow?

June 9, 2020

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A person opening their mouth to expose their yellow teethAre you tired of looking in the mirror to see yellow teeth staring back at you? This common problem is why many people turn to teeth whitening in Richardson. From drinking too many dark-colored, stain-causing beverages to smoking to poor oral hygiene, tooth discoloration is not an abnormal sight for most dentists. While there are many do-it-yourself kits you can purchase at your local drug store, the results you will achieve with a professional will prove far greater. Spend some time learning about what is causing your teeth to yellow and how seeking the help of a cosmetic dentist can have you seeing a brighter, whiter smile.


What Will Be Different During My Next Dental Visit?

May 3, 2020

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a dental staff member using a special pouch to sanitize dental instruments used by a dentist in RichardsonWhen preparing for your upcoming visit to see your dentist in Richardson, you might be surprised to learn that a few things have changed since your last appointment. Since COVID-19 has caused people to change the way they work, learn, and interact, necessary steps are being taken by your dental team to make sure everyone who comes in for treatment remains safe and healthy. If you’re wondering how things will be a bit different than before, spend some time reviewing the protocols your dentist is putting into place to maintain an office that is free of COVID-19.


Which Snacks Can Help Improve Your Oral Health?

March 8, 2020

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a young woman with blonde hair smiling and holding a magnifying glass up to her mouthDo you enjoy a snack between meals? Do you find yourself going to the vending machine while at work, or do you have a stash in your desk? No matter where you keep them, or where you go to get your favorite mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, are you choosing healthier options are those that are filled with sugar? To understand why it’s better to embrace fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich foods, hear from a dentist in Richardson who can explain what effects these food choices can have on your teeth.


Is It True Your Gum Health Can Make You More Vulnerable to Heart Disease?

February 7, 2020

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a person showing their red gumsFebruary is Heart Health Awareness Month, which means it is time to talk about gum disease. Wait…what? That’s right! There is a connection between the soft oral tissues that surround your teeth and the organ that keeps blood pumping through your veins. If you’re surprised by this, consider exactly how this is possible. After all, everything you consume must pass through your mouth and into your stomach, right? Naturally, it makes sense that your gum health could be directly connected to your heart, as well as other areas of your body. To find out more about this unique link, hear from a dentist in Richardson who explains what you can do to keep your gum health in check.


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